SAT Subject Test

    • Formally known as the Achievement Test or SAT II, the SAT Subject Tests are one hour long and students are tested in 20 individual subjects.

    SAT Subject Test Prep

    • Some colleges and universities require the SAT Subject test however most students take this test in order to receive partial or full college credit.

    • Cost: $26 (registration fee) + $22 (per one Subject Test excluding Language) Language and Listening tests are $26 each.

    • The questions are in multiple choice format with the exception of the Writing Test. The Writing Test has a 40 minute multiple choice section and a 20 minute essay writing section.

    • Tests are available in the following subjects:

      • Literature
      • United States History
      • World History
      • Mathematics Level 1
      • Mathematics Level 2
      • Biology E/M
      • Chemistry
      • Physics
      • French
      • French with Listening
      • Chinese with Listening
      • German
      • German with Listening
      • Modern Hebrew
      • Italian
      • Japanese with Listening
      • Korean with Listening
      • Latin
      • Spanish
      • Spanish with Listening

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