ACT Prep

    • Like its counterpart, the ACT is used to measure a student’s college academic readiness and is offered six times a year.

    • ACT stands for American College Testing.

    • There are two types of ACT tests, ACT with No Writing and ACT Plus Writing. The test can be taken either on paper or online.

    • Cost: $55 (without writing) and $70 (with writing).

    • It is split into four sections, English, mathematics, reading, and science with an optional writing section.

    • The four sections contain multiple choice questions and each section receives a score of up to 36. Thus these numbers are averaged to compute your total score.

    • You are given 45 minutes to complete the English section. The 75 questions asked are based on grammerical mechanics and rhetoric of a given passage.

    • The math section test math skills (i.e. basic formulas and computational proficiency) that are acquired by a student who has reached 12th grade. A student is given one hour to complete 60 questions and can use an ACT approved calculator.

    • The reading portion examines the student’s ability to your critical and analytic reading skills after reading a particular passage and you will have 35 minutes to answer 40 questions.

    • Four general categories are tested on the ACT science segment: biology, chemistry, physics and earth/space sciences. A calculator is not permitted for this section of the test.

    • The optional Writing Test is a 40 minute prompt where the student will select from one of four prompts that contains three different view points. The student writes a response formulating their own perspective to the question.

    ACT Prep