Client Testimonials

"Yue is a great reliable tutor. I have been using him for years and anytime I need help I simply send him a text and he is there to teach me what ever I need from Bio to Chem to Math. Yue is able to teach me in an hour what I can't learn in a class in a week. I truly do not know how I would get through school with out his expertise. I would recommend him for anyone that needs academic help." -Michael

I am so happy that our family found Executive Tutoring Services Corporation and Yue Chu to tutor our sixth grade girls in math. They had good grades in math, but didn’t have an in-depth grasp of the skills they needed. With this extra focus on math, they now love math and are among the best students in their classes—they feel comfortable with it. Mr Chu is dependable, prompt (actually arrives early)—incredibly patient and non-critical with kids. He is warm, imaginative, resourceful, and a great teacher. He restates the problem and its constituent steps often, which reinforces the approach they are taking, but he does it so naturally and conversationally that is doesn’t seem like teaching at all. He keeps our kids completely engaged. He has been a huge hit here, and can’t recommend him highly enough." -P. Williams

"….you came highly recommended from two parents…"- J. Morasco

"By far the best tutor I have ever had. I have always struggled with Math but he explains things in a way that are very easy to understand. It's worth it for me to drive 2 hours to go home and have Yue tutor me instead of getting a tutor here at Penn State. He is a great tutor and really nice guy." -Shea