• The acronym GRE stands for Graduate Record Exam and is taken by persons pursuing a master’s degree. Subject tests are also available for examinees to showcase their knowledge in a specific discipline.

    • GRE Subject Tests are accessible to the following subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Literature in English, and Psychology.

    • Subject Tests contain anywhere from 70 to 230 multiple choice questions depending on the subject.

    • Cost: $205 for the General Test and $150 for the Subject Tests.

    GRE Test

    • Time for computer-based test is three hours and 45 minutes.

    • August 1, 2011 the Educational Testing Services (ETS) introduced a new real-life approach and format to the GRE.

    • There are three components to the standard GRE test: verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing.

    • Verbal reasoning examines one’s cognitive and reasoning abilities while understanding both big and little concepts. Both computer-based and paper-based contains two sections that includes 25 questions and 20 questions respectively.

    • Quantitative reasoning inquires about one’s mathematical skills in arithmetic, algebra, geometry, probability and statistics in order to answer questions in a quantitative situation. There are two sections with 20 questions for the computer-based test and 25 for the paper version.

    GRE Test

    • Analytical writing has two questions where the examinee scrutinizes an issue and a task. This is designed to showcase the writer’s ability to convey ideas while being able to reinforce the ideas with supporting evidence in an articulate manner.