• The SAT I is a college entrance exam that started in 1926 and is widely used today by most colleges and universities to measure a student’s college preparedness.

    • SAT I is now called the SAT Reasoning Test and was formally known as Scholastic Aptitude Test or Scholastic Assessment Test.

    SAT One Prep

    • The SAT Reasoning Test without essay lasts 3 hours. If a student opts to do the essay portion that is an additional 50 minutes.

    • SAT without essay 2020-2021 cost: $52; SAT with essay 2020-2021 cost: $68

    • There are three subjects: reading, math and writing. Each subject is divided into three sections with one additional unscored section in one of the three subjects listed above.

    • Questions range from multiple choice to student-produced responses to essay writing.

    • The sum of the scores are computed in multiples of 10 and each subject section receives a score based on the scale of 200–800.

    • The reading section gauges a student’s ability to understand the purpose and context of the passage while extracting main and supporting themes and ideas. The time limit for this section is 65 minutes.

    • The mathematics section is a combination of multiple choice and student produced responses that cover four main areas: algebra and functions, geometry and measurement,numbers and operations and data analysis, statistics, and probability. It is divided into two sections, one section the student is not permitted to use a calculator and the second they are permitted to use a calculator. 25 minutes is given for the non-calculator section and 55 minutes for the calculator permitting section.

    SAT One Prep

    • The writing and language section consists of essay writing and multiple choice questions. The multiple choice questions test a student’s ability in spotting errors and improving grammar and usage. Students are given 35 minutes to complete this section.

    We recommend that first time students to take the SAT in the spring of their junior year and then again in the fall when they are a senior.